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In some native tribes Lavender is sometimes referred to as the "Breath of the Spirit World"  It may soothe and calm the nerves in addition to speeding the healing process.  Sometimes the buds are burned to help induce sleep and rest.

Having been around for about 2500 years, the plant and essential oils have many healing properties that are unbeatable.  Lavender angustofolia (lavender) consists of woody shrub stems. The plant itself displays purple, elongated flowers that give off a fresh, strong aroma.  Among it's components we find lanilol and tanninis.  Tannins act as an antiseptic and lanilol is full of energizing properties.  It is documented that both are a good source of antioxidants and skin protectors. 

Lavender flowers bloom in the summer and the usual harvesting time is between July & August and done with extreme care.  Due to it's alcohol components,  it is best done at an ideal temperature in the shade. This is to preserve the essence so that no therapeutic value is lost.

Organic essential oils are used in our Native Wisdom Lavender/Lilac products. 
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