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Native Wisdom is a 100% Native American owned company.  The products are made from the most sustainable, high quality ingredients utilizing Native American Herbology passed down from our family elders.  The creator of the products (Jennifer Wolf), a former chemist for the FDA, did extensive research on herbal products.  Together with her sisters Elizabeth RedWing Sheely and Ida Nelson, my cousins have combined their expertise to bring you wonderful products formulated with the latest in breakthrough technology.  The product line boasts sumptuous products that are gentle enough for a baby, yet healing and soothing for the most irritated, dry skin.

I was first introduced to the product line a few years back when I made an online purchase for one of my goddaughters at Christmas.  Blueberry Honey Body Wash/Shampoo and Body Butter looked too good to pass up, so of course I ordered an extra one of each for myself. WOW!!!! I was hooked! I am so very PROUD of what my cousin Jennifer has accomplished and dedicated to our native people/ancestors.

Having been her Chicago District Sales Director for awhile now, I am honored to take on the new direction/position of owner.  I hope to make her as proud of me as I am of her ....  

Barb Carufel/Caldwell
Owner/Native Wisdom
Herbal Skincare from Mother Earth

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