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All of our products are Paraben free, Phthalate free, and Sulfate free!
BPA free, recyclable containers.

Formulated with ingredients used by indigenous cultures such as blueberry extract, organic shea butter, honey, pomegranate extract.

"As a former FDA herbal research chemist and a mother, it was shocking to see many of the ingredients in my children's skincare products that I took precautions not to come in direct contact with in the laboratory.  So I teamed up with my sisters to create Native Wisdom products, using the finest ingredients used by indigenous cultures around the world. As Native Americans, it was important to us to look to Mother Earth for answers on how to create natural products safe and exquisite enough for the whole family."
Jennifer Wolf  Creator/
Native Wisdom Skincare from Mother Earth

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Blueberry Honey Shampoo & Body Wash 8 oz
Price: $17.95
Blueberry Honey Shampoo & Body Wash 8 oz
Our most popular #1 This product is a Yucca based shampoo that also can be used a body wash. This was originally made to be gentle and safe for babies and toddlers, some parents started to use it on their chemically damaged or colored hair. Creamy suds!!
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