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Bear Root Soap

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Price: $8.00
Manufacturer: Haipazazaphezuta - Sharing Good Medicine
In Lakota tradition the Osha root is called The Bears' medicine. it is tradtionally gathered and traded. the root gets it's nickname from the people observing bears when they come out of hibernation.  When a bear comes out of hibernation it seeks out the Osha root to eat and cleanse its' digestive system, and help boost its' immune system. The bear will chew the root into a watery paste, spit onto its' paws in order to wash its' face and whole body.  Osha Root has been touted for its' powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties.  It can be burned and inhaled, and also be used for respiratory ailments, allergies, and headaches. It will help ward off snakesand can be made into a tea.

Ingredients; Ground Osha Root (bear Root) from Nez Perce Country , Bear root infused grapeseed oil, Goats' milk, organic Avocado Oil, Castor, olive Oil, Organic Grassfed Beef Tallow, , Kaolin Clay, Greek Yogurt, Lye, and Earth pigments from the Black Hills of South Dakota.
This soap smells amazing !  Reminds me of a soft maple scent, yet very nourishing and cleansing.

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